Friday, May 25, 2012

Double header this weekend.

TJ and I are taking on a double header this weekend. We're looking forward to getting two more wedding videos finished and behind us as we dive into our summer season. We still have 2012 dates available for Nashville, Milwaukee, and Peoria regions. Check us out on our websites and drop us a line.

Also, check back soon, it never takes us long to get the videos edited and online.

Monday, May 21, 2012

New music resource!

As a studio who respects the copyrights of fellow artists, it is often hard to find quality music with a good user license at an affordable price. Because of this I'm always keeping my eye out for great resources. I have recently hit the jackpot with this new site called "The Music Bed". They have a license agreement designed specifically for wedding videographers and their selection is great! I've been loving what I have heard thus far. A lot of variety, can't wait to use a some of these songs!

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Hello everyone! I'm David Price, owner and creative director of Black Olive Photographic! During the week we are a commercial advertising photography studio, but on the weekends we change our hats to offer a unique cinematic approach to wedding videography. How does this mesh? We're not entirely sure.

I found myself filming my first wedding for a friend back in 2009. Additionally, I found that the stress typically associated with wedding photography didn't transfer into the video world, at least not with the way I was approaching it. It was a fast pace road, but without much effort I found myself with a very successful first year in Central Illinois. Brides were absolutely loving our videos. We're now in the process of bringing our service to two new regions - Milwaukee Wisconsin and Nashville, Tennessee. We're excited...

Some current news... One of the photographers I partner with in Central Illinois, Katelyn Turner Design + Photography, along with myself recently shot a wedding this past Friday. I'll be editing their video together this coming week, but here's a quick still taken from a reception clip. I can't wait to get their video finished up...