Wednesday, September 11, 2013

From the Second Shooters Perspective: Danny + Liana

Liana and Danny's wedding was by far the most favorite wedding I've done with Black Olive Studios. What made it so enjoyable was how different it was compared to all of the other weddings I had shot. The gorgeous Liana came from a family where her mom was Filipino and her dad was Greek. Talk about a family filled to the BRIM with energy!

Another thing that made it one of my favorites were all the surprises included in the day - and let me tell ya, for a wedding day, there were ALLOT. The first surprise was for Danny - he loves to play the guitar and because music was a huge part of their relationship, Liana surprised him with a guitar cake. The second surprise (and most sweet) was for the bride's mom. Because her family lived in the Philippines not all of them were able to make it out to Liana and Danny's special day. So the couple surprised her by having her family from the Philippines up on a screen via Skype - the moment she turned and saw them was absolutely priceless. Last but not least, the third surprise was from Danny to Liana where he and his groomsmen choreographed a special dance, and wrote a rap.

Everything - from the moment she's getting into her dress, to the couple's first dance is captured in this montage. It's definitely a must see.

So watch! And enjoy. 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Amy + Ryan

"...give me one thing you love, girl, that makes you hurt and I'll be there ten days before you call. Give me one thing you know, girl, that makes you cry and I'll do everything in my power to make it subside. 

The song in this video was specifically chosen for this couple. While at first, things didn't seem to be going well with the rain forcing the ceremony indoors and the obvious complications that followed, Ryan was there to bring comfort and shower Amy with his love. The lyrics captured their love beautifully. So while everything didn't go exactly as planned, the day turned out to be more exquisite then anyone could have ever imagined. 

 Congratulations to this special couple! 


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Rob + Tricia

On this crisp January day, Rob and Tricia celebrated one of the most special days of their lives, surrounded by friends and family. The lightheartedness of the bridal party, the elegance of the wedding ceremony, and the creativity throughout the reception, made this wedding unique and beautiful. 

Our biggest congratulations to this happy couple!


Monday, March 18, 2013

Season of Growth

Where do I begin? That's actually a question plaguing me for a while now as I pick up the pieces from an extremely busy, but good, 2012. While jobs were coming in and content was piling up, I have been getting increasingly more frantic just trying to keep my head above water. Add on top of it moving into a new office studio space, it has just been insane. I greatly appreciate my clients who have been patient with me during this hectic time. With all this new busy-ness I have been hiring an assistant on a regular basis and am now adding an office manager to the books. Hopefully between the three of us we'll be able to kick this studio into shape and maximize efficiency and get back on schedule. So without any further ado, let me introduce you to the new "crew."

As an aspiring photographer herself and a long-time friend, Sierra was an obvious choice as a second videographer. Add her lively personality and eye for detail made it  even more clear. She brings her own unique perspective to each wedding and helps keep the day light-hearted and on task. Weddings would definitely be a more dull experience without her presence. It's kind of crazy that I'm putting Lenna in charge of my studio, but for some reason I'm convinced it is a good idea. As another close friend and one who "un-creepily" enjoys keeping tabs on my whereabouts [inside joke], she definitely met the pre-reqs. Considering the fact that she is organized just sweetens the deal! The majority of Facebook and blog content will be coming from her hand so make sure to stay tuned as projects roll through. And... for those who don't know me. I am the wizard behind the curtain! My name is David and I stumbled my way into this whole wedding cinematography thing a couple years back. It has been a fun and exciting experience and I'm looking forward to many more exciting years before I throw in the towel.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

I Survived 2012 - Whew!

Considering my last post was back in September of 2012 some may be wondering what happened to me. For curious souls I am alive and have been pumping out new videos steadily. Last fall was a little crazy and to say the least, I got behind. Anyway, 2013 is looking really good and I have a ton of wedding videos I need to share. Rather than posting them all in rapid succession I figure I'll space them out over a period of time.

Of course if you follow us on Facebook you've already been able to watch them.

Stay tuned!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Quinn + Amy

The style and creativity of this wedding makes it stand out and has grown to become one of my very favorites. Everything from the elegance of the wedding dress, to the rustic venue and theme of the reception, to how in love and adoring this couple is. The joy and glow that emanated forth from Quinn and Amy was just so pure and natural and it shows throughout this video. Enjoy!