Wednesday, September 11, 2013

From the Second Shooters Perspective: Danny + Liana

Liana and Danny's wedding was by far the most favorite wedding I've done with Black Olive Studios. What made it so enjoyable was how different it was compared to all of the other weddings I had shot. The gorgeous Liana came from a family where her mom was Filipino and her dad was Greek. Talk about a family filled to the BRIM with energy!

Another thing that made it one of my favorites were all the surprises included in the day - and let me tell ya, for a wedding day, there were ALLOT. The first surprise was for Danny - he loves to play the guitar and because music was a huge part of their relationship, Liana surprised him with a guitar cake. The second surprise (and most sweet) was for the bride's mom. Because her family lived in the Philippines not all of them were able to make it out to Liana and Danny's special day. So the couple surprised her by having her family from the Philippines up on a screen via Skype - the moment she turned and saw them was absolutely priceless. Last but not least, the third surprise was from Danny to Liana where he and his groomsmen choreographed a special dance, and wrote a rap.

Everything - from the moment she's getting into her dress, to the couple's first dance is captured in this montage. It's definitely a must see.

So watch! And enjoy.